Men's zip sweatshirt s potiskem Zombie Nightmare

Material: 80 % cotton, 20 % polyester (280 g/m2)

39,18 €


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Men's zip sweatshirt

Stylish quality cotton men's hoodie with a zip and side pockets. It is made of a firm material guaranteeing its long term resistance. The bottom hem is made of a ribbed knit. The smooth and warm material within provides comfortable wearing in both cold and warm weather. The plastic zip in colour of the hoodie is covered. Wash inside out at 30°C.

Material: 80 % cotton, 20 % polyester (280 g/m2)

Size chart

Tabulka velikostí
Size Width (a) Length (b)
S 49 cm 65 cm
M 54 cm 68 cm
L 59 cm 71 cm
XL 63 cm 75 cm
XXL 67 cm 77 cm
3XL 72 cm 79 cm
4XL 75 cm 83 cm
5XL 80 cm 89 cm